Data Protection Declaration of Jago IT GmbH, Adnet 89, 5421 Adnet, Austria ("Jago IT"; "JAGO") concerning the websites,,, and all available subdomains.

Thank you for your interest in the services of Jago IT. The protection of your privacy and thus the protection of your (personal) data is our highest priority. The following declaration is intended to provide you with comprehensive information on (i) what data JAGO collects, (ii) how JAGO deals with it, and (iii) what rights you have. At the same time, JAGO therewith fulfill our duties imposed by the (Austrian) Data Protection Act 2000 and other statutory data protection regulations. This Data Protection Declaration applies to the use of our websites,,, as well as ("Website").

Data protection laws are generally relevant in case any processing of personal data is concerned. The terms used within the scope of this data protection declaration are defined in and by the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. As such, the wide definition of "processing" of personal data means any operation or set of operations performed on personal data, such as, but not excluded to, recording, organization, storage, alteration, and transmission of personal data. Any information allowing Us or third parties to potentially identify you in person can be considered personal data. This terminology may also apply to IP addresses as long as they allow e.g. Internet Service Providers such identification.

  1. Processing of Data

    By accessing our Website the external IP address of your computer as well as http specific information will be stored and logged for statistical, verification and organizational purposes (Art 6 para 1 lit of GDPR, legitimate interests of Jago IT: technical website review and market research). Our services are designed to be used without indication of any additional personal data. IP addresses are stored for a period of 1 year, after which the data shall be deleted unless a longer time period is necessary for compliance with legal obligations. Users may, however, indicate their email addresses voluntarily to get notifications in case of any potential technical problems. Such notifications are sent automatically. In case you need any support regarding our services, you may also submit support tickets. Therefore, you need to indicate your full name as well as your email address by registering via our "Support Portal".

  2. Rights of the Data Subject

    A central aspect of data protection regulations is the implementation of adequate opportunities to allow for the disposition of personal data, even after the processing of said personal data has occurred. For this purpose, a series of rights of the data subject are set in place. JAGO shall comply with your corresponding requests to exercise your rights without undue delay and in any event within one month of receipt of the request. To ensure the exercise of 2/3 of your rights, JAGO maintains a dedicated Email contact address at where all requests should be addressed to. Specifically, the following rights are entailed:

    1. Right to information and access to personal data: should you exercise your right to information, JAGO shall provide you with all relevant information regarding the processing of your personal data by JAGO, permitted to the extent of the law. As JAGO are processing very little personal data in order to provide Our services, JAGO may not be able to identify your person by any means. Thus, JAGO may only be able to provide information by requesting additional data to verify your status. This may apply to the other rights of the data subject as well.
    2. Right to rectification: with this right you may request the rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal data (e.g. email addresses).
    3. Right to erasure: JAGO are obliged to delete personal data (name, email address) upon your request as you may withdraw your consent at any time.
    4. Right to restriction of processing: restriction may be requested (i) for a verification period if the accuracy of the data is contested, (ii) if the processing is unlawful.
    5. Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.
  3. Data Security

    Jago IT will protect processed data adequately against unauthorized access (of third parties) in accordance with the provisions of the legal framework of Austria as well as the European Union. JAGO will only process data which are essential to provide our services. Measures are taken with regard to (i) the quantity of data collected, (ii) the extent of data processing, (iii) the storage time as well as (iv) the accessibility of data. Data will not be used or stored by other means than set out in this Data Protection Declaration and are made accessible only to a restricted and necessary number of persons. All employees of Jago IT have been informed about applicable data protection provisions as well as data security measures and are bound to our privacy practices. our web presence and other systems are adequately protected by a variety of security mechanisms. JAGO does not transfer any personal data to third parties without prior explicit consent of the data subject.

  4. As far as the Website contains external links, JAGO hereby indicates that these third-party websites are not subject to the influence and control of JAGO. JAGO disclaims all liability for losses or obligations related to the use of these third-party websites. JAGO are not responsible for the contents, availability, correctness, or accuracy of these websites, nor for their offerings, links, or advertisements.

  5. Contact Details Regarding Data Protection Issues

    In case you have any questions concerning JAGO’s Data Protection Declaration or if you would like to exercise your right of information, rectification or deletion, please send us a written request outlining your desire to:

    Jago IT GmbH
    Adnet 89
    5421 Adnet